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Colmeia Rock Fest


"Uan album that GuitarScream advises you to listen to, well produced, songs that invade our minds, that take us to nostalgic moments. 

It's rock, it's national, and it's good!"

- Nuno Parracho,Guitar Scream

Patrick // Guitar
Hugo // Voice
Rick // Drums
Eurico // Bass
Elvis // Guitar

"Redlizzard's hard rock follows the manual of good old rock 'n' roll, direct and “no frills”, as some like to say."

- Victor de Andrade Lopes,

Redlizzard: The Power of Rock in Almada

On a stage where the energy of Rock merges with the burning passion, a band emerges that defines the true spirit of the genre: Redlizzard, originally from Almada, were born to dominate the world of Rock'n'Roll.


Epic Journey since 2007

Since their emergence in late 2007, Redlizzard have fueled the music scene with their unique fusion of Hard Rock, Classic Rock and Southern Rock. Inspired by icons such as Def Leppard, Guns N' Roses, Gun, Whitesnake and The Cult, they have forged a powerful sound characterized by sweeping guitar riffs, hard-hitting rhythms and irresistibly addictive songs.


Incendiary Discography

Redlizzard's musical journey is marked by unforgettable milestones. In 2011, they released the explosive EP "In Your Face", with the hit "Push It Babe" winning hearts. Their 2015 album "The Red Album" brought with it the catchy single "Reason to Live." In 2019, the powerful "The Black Album" brought to light singles such as "Let It Rock", "Shake It" and "Back Together", produced and mastered by the renowned Beau Hill.


Unforgettable Stage Achievements

Redlizzard are not only talented musicians, but also stage conquerors. Opening for the legendary Bon Jovi at Parque da Bela Vista in 2011, in front of 57,000 ecstatic fans, is just one of many incredible feats. The band also shared the stage with renowned musician Marco Mendonza, known for his contributions to Thin Lizzy, Whitesnake and The Dead Daisies.


New Chapter: "The White Album"

In 2024, Redlizzard returns with a monumental addition to their lineup: Hugo Baptista. "The White Album" is not just a new album, but a turning point in the band's musical trajectory. Marking a disconnection from the recent past, this album promises a promising musical future, further elevating Redlizzard's name in the Rock pantheon.


Prepare to be captivated, energized and taken on an epic journey of pure Rock'n'Roll. Redlizzard is back, more powerful than ever. 🚀🤘


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